Frequently asked questions

What is this?

This is a competition to determine the best debaters in the world.

What is the format?

The format is British Parliamentary Debate, with 4 teams per room. More details of the format, and the rules associated with the format can be found here

How Long are speeches?

7 minutes

Are there any eligibility rules?

No, we will accept composite teams of any two individuals. We will also allow teams representing Universities, Employers or Clubs

Is there an ESL category?

Due to this being a new competition, it has a lot more logistical “problems” than a normal tournament. Despite the convening team having a large amount of events experience, this would currently place a huge burden on us, and we are sad to say no at this current time. 

The plan is, if this years event is successful to redo this the following year with increased size and an ESL section of the tournament.



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